Show the film before its on DVD!

Includes a special after-film message from Chonda

The event that has changed lives, opened communication on Christian woman’s health issues, and helped thousands to interact with their Church community is available to premiere in your Church!

See the film after it’s theatrical run and BEFORE it’s available on DVD!
Several exclusive videos from Chonda to tell your congregation, study group or community about the event.
Exclusive after-movie message from Chonda Pierce

License good for a showing date from January 18 through December 31 2016
Free digitally delivered posters, flyers and church bulletin inserts in color or black and white!
Can be shown to the entire congregation or in smaller group settings

Small Church

$99One Time Fee
  • Less Than 100
    in Congregation

Medium Church

$199One Time Fee
  • More than 100,
    Less than 1,000

Large Church

$299One Time Fee
  • More than 1,000,
    Less than 5,000

Mega Church

Email Us For Quote
  • More Than 5000
    in Congregation

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Frequently Asked Questions

CVLI is a privately held company that has an agreement with some producers and their films to gather license fees. That’s all. CVLI is not a legal entity providing an umbrella license for any/all films shown in your church. Fuseic Entertainment does not currently subscribe to CVLI.

We know that drawing a crowd requires publicizing your Movie Event so we created the Movie Promotion Kit with all the promotional materials you’ll need to draw people to your event. Our license gives you permission to use all images, videos, and other movie material to tell people about your movie premiere

You will also be able to use your Laughing In The Dark license for small groups, excerpts for a Bible study, or any other use within the term of the license.

The purpose of this license is to offer a bridge between the theatrical release and the DVD release. It is an answer to the many fans and churches that did not get an opportunity to see the film at the theaters. The distributor of the film was limited to theaters that had satellite equipment installed for broadcasting onto their screens. So there were many cities, especially smaller cities where Chonda has toured for years, that couldn’t watch the film.

Chonda wanted the Church to have the ability to draw a larger crowd for the viewing of Laughing In The Dark. We have found it is easier to get neighbors, friends and family who can be evangelized and helped to attend a film that is not yet available on DVD. It has better “special event” feel when the film is still in theaters than when it is widely available on DVD, TV or digital download.

Licenses are priced based on average weekly church attendance, not the showing size. With one license you can show the movie to your women’s group, small groups, or the whole church… any showing your church hosts at your building site.

If your church building is not large enough for your event, you are approved to show the film at an off-site location like a community center or even in a local theater.

No. You cannot charge for admission. The license only gives you permission to do a public showing of the Movie and marketing your event.
Yes. We are in the development process now. It will use scenes from the existing film, unaired footage featuring Chonda Pierce, and new footage filmed expressly for the Bible study. Watch this site for updates on it’s availability and pricing.